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Brittany,Roscoff,France, pen and ink drawing,
The Church at Roscoff
Notre Dame de Croas-Batz
Limited Edition Fine Art Print

The church at Roscoff, "Notre Dame de Croas-Batz" primarily of Gothic design, was begun around 1520 and only finished in 1701. A change in design was made in 1576 with the building of the magnificent Rennaissance belfry. Also around the walls can be seen several small sculpted motifs showing ships, and a nice sundial with the words "Craignez la Derniere", surely a reference to the "Grim Reaper and the last hour".
This print is reproduced from an original Pen and wash drawing

All prints are created from original watercolour, Oil and Acrylic paintings by the artist
using dry powdered pigments which are fused onto the paper using heat. Prints are fade resistant and require no protective coating.

All prints are on acid free archival quality Satin paper.
Each print is individually signed and dated by the artist
Prints are in Limited Editions

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